Available Metrics

Determine which metrics are available to return historical data for. Metrics can be returned for the whole account, a specific item (device or service), or the scope can be narrowed using a filter.


You can define the scope of the query using the scope list in your filter. It has the format type: id where type is one of the following

itemThe ObjectId string which uniquely identifies the item{"item": "5a79e996b03e85b1378b456f"}
groupA list of item identifiers{"group": ["5a79e996b03e85b1378b456f", "5a79e996b03e85b1378b456d"]}
filterA list of search terms, searching the inventory{"filter":"web*"}
serviceGroupA service group name string{"serviceGroup": "services"}
deviceGroupa device group name string{"deviceGroup": "devices"}


You can further define the scope by specifying the metrics to be returned in your filter. Metrics can be searched by exact match, or by regex. This has the format {'type': 'eq|re', 'value': 'val'} with eq meaning exact match and re meaning regex.

Examples are provided above.